Trade Mark:FalconComfort

General Manager:DeebDa’na

Contact Person:DeebDa’na

Short Description: Falcon Company is one of the best Palestinian companies in the footwear industry that produce Comfort shoes.

Falcon in the past few yearsembarked on expanding to include new varieties such as sports shoes and summer (sandals) for men and children.

Falcon products specialise with durability and quality, as they depend on the finest natural leather, in addition to the direct injection sole system, to produce highquality and efficient products that comply with international standards.

In addition to the above, Falcon invests in developing their experienced and skilled manpower, and is constantly striving to provide the latest equipment and machinery to help produce high-quality shoes and reach consumer expectations and satisfaction.

History: Falcon started back in the early 80s when MrDeebDa’nawas a worker in the shoe industry and in 1986 he opened a small workshop and started working alone making men’s shoes, then in 1990 Falcon started producing women’s shoes, after that in the year 2000 Falcon introduced a new production method by purchasing a PU injection machine, and in 2006 they had started a production line of men’s and women’s comfort shoes. 

Vision & Mission:To reach international markets and to expand variety of footwear categories.

Experience:Specialize in men’s & women’s leather comfort shoes.

Contact Us
Address Hebron, Al Salam Street
Mobile 0597919464
Email Muha_cr7@hotmail.com
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